Botox Injections in Latham, NY

Urbane Beauty Co. offers BOTOX injections from multi-certified experts in Latham, NY that will make your forehead wrinkles and crow's feet disappear.

Botox Injections in Latham, NY

Urbane Beauty Co. offers BOTOX injections from multi-certified experts in Latham, NY that will make your forehead wrinkles and crow's feet disappear.

What is BOTOX (Dysport)?

Botox (Otherwise known as Dysport) is one of the most popular anti-aging/wrinkle treatments offered today and is proudly offered by Urbane Beauty Co. in Latham, NY. It is an FDA-approved injectable formula made to turn back time and get rid of and/or prevent wrinkles from forming on the face. This injectable can make a big improvement to dynamic lines and wrinkles, which are created by making expressions with the contracting muscles on the upper face. To correct these lines, Botox (Dysport) is carefully injected to soften the skin and temporarily prevent muscle contractions that cause these lines.



Botox (Dysport) temporarily treats moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet by reducing specific muscle activity. If you want to get rid of, or pervent wrinkles and lines on your forehead and upper face from forming without surgery, Botox (Dysport) is the ideal injectable solution for you. It is a great, noninvasive approach if you have forehead wrinkles or noticeable lines between the brows. Not only is it for older patients looking to remove wrinkles, it can be also used as a preventative measure to prevent wrinkles from ever forming with younger patients. 


Frequently Asked Questions About BOTOX

The results from Botox (Dysport) may be visible for as long as four months. Usually, patients schedule an appointment every quarter to refresh their results, unless you’re using Botox as a preventative measure, in which case you would get treatments further apart.

After Botox is placed into the targeted muscles, the weakening effect gradually begins anywhere
from 3-7 days and is not complete for two weeks. Therefore, optimal results are not seen for about two weeks.

Injectable wrinkle relaxers (like Botox) and injectable wrinkle fillers (like Restylane) are both popular cosmetic procedures that decrease wrinkles and correct fine lines. Dysport/Botox works by relaxing overused muscles in your face that create dynamic wrinkles, including frown lines (which appear between your eyebrows), Crow’s feet (which appear in the outer edges of your eyes), smile lines, and forehead wrinkles. Dermal fillers increase volume below the skin to correct depressions and improve the appearance of wrinkles on the surface.

As long as it is administered correctly, Botox should not cause complications. However, it’s still very important to find someone with experience injecting Botox, like the professionals at Urbane Beauty Co. Too much of the product may cause bad results.  Quickly becoming one of the most requested cosmetic treatments, it is considered safe and has earned approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Along with its cosmetic uses, Botox can also be used as a treatment for medical conditions, such as excessive sweating, facial spasms, migraines, and uncontrollable blinking.

Don’t worry! You can laugh, smile, frown, and make any other face you want.

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Pre-Appointment Care

  • Avoid blood thinning medication. One week prior, avoid aspirin, ibuprofen (generic, Advil, Aleve or Motrin), Vitamin E and fish oil or omega-3s to prevent bruising.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. On the morning of, consume plenty of food and drink as this will decrease the chances of lightheadedness during the treatment.

Post-Appointment Care

Careful after-care is very important for producing a beautiful and lasting result.

  • Try to exercise your treated muscles for the first hour after treatment (e.g. practice frowning, raising your eyebrows, or squinting). This helps to work the treatment into your muscles.
    Although this may help your procedure outcome, it will NOT impact your treatment negatively
    if you forget to do this
    • Do NOT have a facial, nor rub or massage the treated area for 24 hours after your treatment
    • Do NOT lie down or do strenuous exercise for three hours after treatment. Also, avoid any
    exposure to a sauna, hot tub or tanning for four hours. This will prevent your blood pressure
    from rising and thus minimize the risk of bruising after treatment
    • Please be aware that some, though very few patients, experience a mild headache. You may take Tylenol to help with this for pain relief
    • Be assured that tiny bumps or marks will go away within a few hours after your treatment.
    There is a small risk of bruising. If this occurs, do not worry since it will only be temporary and
    can easily be covered up with makeup. Any little bit of bruising may last up to one week

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