Pico Laser Treatments in Latham, NY

Urbane Beauty Co. offers Pico Laser treatments from certified experts in Latham, NY which can be used to treat many common skin imperfections.

Pico Laser treatments in Latham, NY

Urbane Beauty Co. offers Pico Laser treatments from certified experts in Latham, NY which can be used to treat many common skin imperfections without pain or downtime.

What is a Picolaser?

Pico laser technology is a non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment that is proudly offered by certified and experienced technicians in Latham, NY. Pico laser treatment can be used to address the majority of common skin imperfections, including spots caused by sun damage and acne scarring. The Pico laser works by sending ultra-short pulses of energy – without heat – to targeted problem areas. Although its pulses of energy are highly concentrated, the laser’s effect is gentle to the outer layer of the skin with no burning or pain.  


Why Get PicoLaser Treatment?

Pico technology is regarded as one of the most advanced laser treatments currently available on the market. It delivers noticeable, permanent results in fewer sessions than comparable options and is safe, requires minimal downtime, and can be used across the entire face and body. This laser also enhances elastin production in the skin, resulting in a softer, fuller, more youthful complexion. It is widely chosen because Pico treatments do not burn the skin and patients typically experience very little or no discomfort during the course of their treatment. The Pico laser is also extremely precise, allowing the technician to achieve the optimal effect on only the effected areas.


Frequently Asked Questions About PicoLaser Treatments

Pico laser can be used to treat a huge variety of skin conditions and imperfections. It is safe for most skin conditions. The most common include discoloration, acne scarring, sun damage, birthmark and tattoo removal.

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To improve the look of your skin and achieve a more youthful appearance by removing pigmented lesions will require only a few treatments. Darker, deeper and larger pigmented lesions may require additional treatments; however during the consultation, your practitioner will discuss treatment expectations with you.

No. Most patients find the procedure tolerable and require no numbing cream or anesthesia. PicoSure delivers energy in ultra-short bursts, and patients often compare the laser pulse to a snap of a thin rubber band and requires no recovery/downtime.

Side effects include temporary redness and swelling at the treatment site that typically resolves in less than an hour but in some cases may linger for up to 24 hours.

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Pre-Appointment Care

  • No sun exposure, tanning beds or sunless tanning cream for 4 weeks prior to treatment. Sun exposure decreases the effectiveness of the laser treatment and can increase the chance of posttreatment complications. Make sure to use sunscreen.
  • Remove all makeup, creams, or oils prior to treatment.

Post-Appointment Care

Careful after-care is very important for producing a beautiful and lasting result.

General (Pigment and Tattoo):

  • Cleanse the treated area at least daily with water and mild soap, and then pat the area dry.
  • Do not rub or scratch the treated area.
  • If crusting/scabbing occurs, do not shave or pick area. Apply Aquaphor ointment (tattoo) or another moisturizer (face) to the area 2-3 times a day. Keep the area moist, and let the crusting/scabbing resolve on its own.
  • Discomfort may be relieved by cold gel packs and/or an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as acetaminophen.
  • Avoid contact sports or any other activity that could cause injury to the treated area.
  • Avoid swimming, soaking, or using hot tubs/whirlpools until the skin heals.
  • Contact physician if there is any indication of infection (redness, tenderness, or pus).


  • After cleansing and while skin is still moist, apply a thin layer of Aquaphor ointment to the treated tattoo.
  • Apply a non-stick pad over the tattoo until it is healed.
  • Avoid sun exposure to the treated area. Use a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Apply to the treated area every 2 hours when exposed to the sun and it is recommended to make this a part of your skin care routine.
  • Clean area daily with mild soap and water and pat dry.
  • Do not rub or scratch the area.
  • Discomfort may be relieved by using cool gel packs or acetaminophen.
  •  If blistering occurs, keep the area moist by applying Aquaphor 3 times per day or antibiotic ointment per the recommendation of the physician. Do not enter swimming pools or hot tubs until treated areas are healed.
  • No swimming or using hot tubs for 48 hours post treatment.

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